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Chiapas Index - Coedition ERA-IIEc/ UNAM
Chiapas 10


Jérôme Baschet,
(Re) discuss the history

John Holloway,
The shoe and the social sciences in Latin America

Immanuel Wallerstein,
The albatross racist. Social science, Jörg Haider and Widerstand

Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas
Chiapas, Latin America and the capitalist world system

Sergio Tischler V.,
Rigoberta Menchú: memory and subject. The time broke the revolutionary nationalization of indigenous and peasant in Guatemala

Ramon Vera
Ecuador: log of a popular uprising


Enrique Rajchenberg,
"Milpas or chimneys? The controversy surrounding the mid-century industrialization

William Blum
A brief history of U.S. interventions since 1945

Ulrich Brand,
Between neoliberal globalization and the welfare state? The debate on Global Governance

Sak's Diary K'inal Tajaltik,
On the exploitation and oppression

Forum for the Defense of Life, Land and Natural Resources.
Declaration of San Gregorio: Montes Azules Biosphere

World Social Forum 2001
Another world is possible
Cover photo: Xochitl Zepeda

Chiapas 11


Alvaro Garcia Linera,
Crowd and community. The social insurgency in Bolivia

Boaventura de Sousa Santos,
The imperial order of discovery

Alejandro Anaya Muñoz
The indigenous peoples' right to political autonomy: theoretical foundations

Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas
Chiapas and the unfinished conquest. Interview with Bolívar Echeverría

Ana Esther Cecena,
The New Thought and the transformation of the struggle in Argentina. Interview with Victor De Gennaro


Gudrun Lenkersdorf,
Chiefs or councils: two views of government

Speeches and documents of the March for Indigenous Dignity:

* CCRI-CG of the EZLN, speeches

or Milpa Alta, March 9
or city of Puebla, 27 February
or Zocalo of Mexico City, March 11
or Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM, March 21
or Congress, March 28

* CCRI-CG of the EZLN,
March of Indigenous Dignity (excerpts)

* 3rd National Indigenous Congress, March 2-4,
Statement. For the constitutional recognition of our collective rights

* Indigenous Women of the Sierra Norte de Puebla,
Welcome message from the Zapatista delegation on 27 February in the city of Puebla

* Community National Autonomous University of Mexico,
Welcome message from the Zapatista delegation, Ciudad Universitaria, March 21

Comparison of the bill prepared by the Cocopa and presented by the Executive and the reforms adopted by the Congress

World Social Forum
Statement of social movements. Porto Alegre Call for Mobilization

Cover photo:

Chiapas 12


Ana Esther Cecena,
A territorial domination. U.S. and Latin America

Boaventura de Sousa Santos,
Our America. Reinventing subaltern paradigm of recognition and redistribution

Julio C. Gambina,
International resistance to neoliberal globalization


Atilio A. Boron,
The jungle and the polis, Questions about the Zapatista political theory

John Holloway,
The class struggle is asymmetrical

Emir Sader,
The Latin American left in the XXI century

Sergio Tischler,
The crisis of the subject and the fact Leninist Zapatista


Antonio Paoli
Lekil kuxlejal. Approximations to the ideal of life among the Tzeltal

Joaquin Giménez Heaven,
ICBG: global laboratory or business round

Interview with Digna Ochoa and Rafael Alvarez
Cover photo:

Chiapas 13


Eduardo M. Basualdo,
The current crisis in Argentina: between dollarization, depreciation and income redistribution

Edur Velasco Arregui
Central Asia in the XXI century and long-term movements in the global economy

Enrique Rajchenberg,
The rebellion of memory. Interview with Mauricio Fernandez Picolo

Myriam Amparo Espinosa
Contrast between colonial and subaltern gaze on Plan Colombia

José Seoane,
Regime crises and social protest in Argentina


Power and representation: the state within us

Ana Esther Cecena, and Raul Ornelas Adriana Ornelas
It is not necessary to conquer the world, just as we do again today

Jérôme Baschet,
"The Zapatistas against the empire? An invitation to discuss the book by Michael Hardt and Toni Negri


II World Social Forum in Porto Alegre:

* Declaration of social movements. Resistance to neoliberalism, militarism and war, for peace and social justice

* For a world without war. Manifesto

* A Mexico without war is possible

* International People's Tribunal on Debt. Verdict

* José Saramago,
This world of global injustice


Claudia Korol,
New words of the protesters

The children of Cordobazo. Chronicle from the Greater Buenos Aires

Leon Rozitchner,
Flowery fields of Argentina

Cover photo: Thomas Kruse

Chiapas 14


Carlos Walter Porto Gonçalves,
Life estates and indigenous genetic

Rajchenberg Héau Henry and Catherine Lambert,
In the anteroom of the Puebla-Panama: Tehuantepec in the nineteenth century

Jaime Estay
FTAA: a paradise for investors

Ana Esther Cecena interview with Gabriel Herbas,
The water war in Cochabamba

Claudia Korol,
Weather subversive attempts and desire


Giovanni Arrighi
Imperial lineage: on Empire, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri


Gudrun Lenkersdorf,
Let municipal governments among the Maya: ancient tradition

Cacique Guaicaipuru Cuauhtemoc
On external debt

Political Declaration of the Third Forum Mesoamerican
Against the Plan Puebla-Panama, the Mesoamerican Movement for Popular Integration


Amarela Varela
Piqueteros, damn, picketers!
Cover photo: Rafael López Castro

Chiapas 15


Orlando Caputo, John Radrigán and Graciela Galarce,
Copper Manifesto

José Rabasa,
Negri by Zapata: Constituent power and the limits of autonomy

Christophe Görg and Ulrich Brand,
"Sustainable Globalization?

Gilberto López y Rivas,
Counterinsurgency and paramilitary groups in Chiapas in the government of Vicente Fox


Armando Bartra
The flame and stone. How to change the world without taking power by John Holloway

Atilio Boron,
Power, "counter" and "anti-power." Notes on a loss of political theory in contemporary critical ensamiento

Adolfo Gilly
The Maker


Open letter to President Lula on the award of the Alcantara base in the U.S. Army

II Hemispheric Meeting of Struggle against the FTAA:

* Osvaldo Martinez
FTAA: the treat of the "American Rome"

* Letter from the Minister of Production and Trade of Venezuela the chairman of the FTAA Trade Negotiations

* Extract from Mining Integration Treaty between Chile and Argentina

Amazonian Social Forum,
Final Declaration

III World Social Forum
Call of social movements

Cover photo: Andrew Thomas Contreris

Chiapas 16


Ana Esther Cecena
The challenges of the world where all worlds fit and subversion of historical knowledge of the fight

Jérôme Baschet
"Beyond the struggle for humanity and against neoliberalism?

Rajchenberg Héau Henry and Catherine Lambert
Zapatistas Rests

Armando Bartra
The wars of Ogre

José Seoane
Rebellion, dignity, autonomy and democracy. Shared Voices from the South

Interview with Alfio Nicotra,
Representative of the Communist Refoundation Party to the European Social Forum

Álvaro García Linera
The indigenous popular uprising in Bolivia


Joachim Hirsch
Power and anti-power. About the book by John Holloway Change the World Without Taking Power

John Holloway
Real People, ie rebel. Much more than a response to Atilio Boron


Violet R. Nunez
San Miguel Chiptik. The autonomy of acasillados

Raul Ornelas
Gas war: forty-five days of resistance and popular triumph


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